Id-visitor: quick and professional visitor enrolment

Id-visitor is an id-solution with which organizations can enroll and process their visitors in a quick and professional manner. It is even possible to automatically check identity documents on authenticity. This way, the visitor enrolment is accelerated and the security level is increased. Currently id-visitor is being used at several (international) locations to process visitors. These include business areas, (high) risk locations and leisure establishments.

The information is automatically retrieved from an identity document
When an identity document is scanned (driver´s license, passport or identity card), the information is retrieved from the document. This means that the receptionist does not need to type in the information anymore. The enrolment process is accelerated and the chance of typing errors is decreased.
Easily checking visitors in and out
You can check-in visitors immediately after scanning the identity document or visitor badge. You can check-out a visitor by scanning the identity document or visitor badge again. Of course, you can also integrate id-visitor in your own visitor management system.
Automatic notification system for expected and unwanted visitors
When an identity document of a registered visitor is scanned, the information about the visitor is shown immediately. It is also possible to register a visitor as unwanted or to create a notification about a visitor. For example when a person misbehaves or did not comply with security regulations. A notification can also contain positive information, such as a warning when a VIP visitor is being checked in.
Secured data and image storage within your companies own IT environment
The data and images are not accessible to unauthorized persons and remain within your own IT environment. You can keep the data secured locally on a computer, in the Cloud, on a network location or even in a database. The data is always protected by PKI encryption. With id-visitor your organization meets the guidelines of the Dutch Data Protection Agency.
Easy to expand with checking identity documents on authenticity
The identity document is checked on several security features. This happens fully automatic and is possible for more than 3.000 different types of identity documents from all over the world. It does not matter if you scan a Dutch driver’s license or a Brazilian passport. Id-visitor recognizes the document and verifies its authenticity.
Easy to expand with printing visitor badges
With one click, the desired information is printed on a visitor badge. The visitor badge can be filled with information that has automatically been retrieved from the identity document and additional information that is added manually. It is even possible to print the photo on the identity document, on the visitor badge, so you do not need to take a manual photograph anymore.
Easy to expand with registration and verification of fingerprints
The fingerprint can be saved anonymously or associated with a visitor. When the fingerprint is registered, it can be used for various tasks, such as granting access or opening a safe. In accordance with privacy guidelines, the image of the fingerprint is not saved, but the fingerprint is translated to a unique code and this code is securely saved.
Easy to expand with automatic face comparison
With the aid of a special camera it is possible to immediately and automatically determine whether the holder of the identity document (standing in front of you) corresponds with the photo in the presented identity document. This way you protect your company against look-a-like fraud.
Also available as a mobile solution

With the mobile solution you can check identity documents anywhere you want. The included tablet shows the results of the authenticity check. The European Patent Office (EPO) is convinced that the way ORIBI has developed this mobile solution is unique. This was the main reason why the EPO gave ORIBI id-solutions a patent for this mobile solution.
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Also available as a self service solution
ORIBI id-solutions offers a number of self-service solutions. Currently, these different solutions are being used successfully in various industries. For more information please feel free to contact us.