Polned & ID-Employee: more than document control

Ard Hartman (Director of Polned): "Previously, we checked documents on the basis of a course, a book and a UV lamp. This is an outdated and not very accurate method. This is why we invited ORIBI ID-Solutions, and during the presentation I realised immediately: this will work for us and that proved to be the case. ID-Employee works well and is much faster than the check we previously used. If professionalism is what you stand for, you must try to implement it appropriately in every process, including document control!"
More than just checking - since 2011
Besides checking documents, Polned also uses ID-Employee as an efficient tool in its administrative processes. "Our temporary employees all receive a company pass. This enables them to easily identify themselves at the client. These company passes are printed from ID-Employee at the push of a button. The pass contains our own layout with the temporary worker's personal details and passport photograph. We no longer need to take separate photos because the passport photo on the identity document is printed directly onto the company pass."
Confidence for the client

Confidence for the client

"ID-Employee also generates customised validation reports. In this way, we inspire optimum confidence in our clients; they see immediately that we do everything properly. Since ID-Employee was developed by a software company, the possibilities are endless. As a result, it can help any staffing organisation to further optimise its administrative processes."

Highly recommended
"I would definitely recommend ID-Employee to other organisations and I already have! I am convinced of this solution, so I pointed out ID-Employee to one of my clients. He has to deal with a lot of personnel turnover in a strictly secured production environment. The correctness of the employee's identity is important," says Ard Hartman.