Odfjell Terminals: ''Knowing who is on the premises.''

One of the largest tank storage companies in Europe, Odfjell Terminals Rotterdam, has been working with ID-Visitor by ORIBI ID-Solutions since February 2010. The ID of every visitor to this immense 65-hectare site is scanned and automatically checked. During scanning, the document and personal data are read and transferred into the software. This ensures that visitors are processed quickly and with the correct data.

The only thing the company security officers have to type in after the scan is the number of the access card given to the visitor. In the background, the visitor's data are linked to the access card provided. When leaving the premises, the visitor simply has to deposit the access pass in a pass receptacle and he or she is automatically marked as no longer present. 

Odfjell has to comply with the International Ship and Port Facility Security Code (ISPS). The ISPS certificate was created after the terrorist attacks of 11 September 2001. The purpose of the ISPS is to prevent terrorist attacks at high-risk companies. Rob Rietveld: "This code dictates that we must be able to prove who is on the premises at any time of the day or even at night. We are also obliged to check identity documents. Because of this, I make certain demands on my security guards. I think it's important to provide them with the right tools. ID-Visitor is one of them. You cannot expect a security guard to recognise all the documents in the world, let alone check them. Fortunately, with ID-Visitor we have found a suitable solution for this."

Document checking for the registration of visitors is an important part of the implementation of the ISPS code. For many companies, this should not be at the expense of business operations. Odfjell has many visitors per day and it is important that they are registered quickly, accurately and safely. "Every day we process more than 100 visitors with different nationalities. In the past, the visitors' list was filled in by hand. This took an enormous amount of time and often the handwritten names were not legible. Partly because of the tightening of the code, we switched to scanning identity documents. We were using a different scanning solution but it had two drawbacks. The data from Dutch driving licences, among others, were not read and the system could not be linked to our access control system. At the time, I asked my security application supplier, Piet van Leenen of Access Control Europe, to look for a solution. He managed to find the answer with ID-Visitor by ORIBI ID-Solutions."
ID-Visitor can check more than 2,500 different identity documents worldwide, including driving licences. During scanning, the data are automatically processed in the software.
Link with SALTO
Odfjell has been using the SALTO access control system to control and manage various barriers, gates and doors for several years. From within SALTO, different rights can be assigned to passes and one can see who is present in which room. "Previously, we used various emergency lists; a list from SALTO and a list from the visitor registration. With ID-Visitor these lists can be combined. The visitors are now automatically registered in SALTO through the link with ID-Visitor. ORIBI ID-Solutions has fulfilled our needs and wishes very well. Now even the company name and the vehicle registration number of the visitor in question are entered into SALTO from ID-Visitor," says Rob Rietveld.
The visitor also benefits
Odfjell uses a full-range solution that optimally combines the power of SALTO and ID-Visitor. Visitors are registered quickly and another big advantage is that they do not have to sign out when they leave. When leaving the premises, the visitor deposits his or her access pass in a pass receptacle and the barrier opens automatically. In this way, the circle is completed and the visitor also benefits from the automation that has been introduced at Odfjell.