Municipality of Schouwen-Duiveland & ID-Citizen: "I would recommend ID-Citizen to any municipality"

ID-Citizen is a success
"We check everyone who comes to use a service, without exception. The staff were a little sceptical about this at first but we have received virtually no complaints from our citizens. They understand that we need to establish identity carefully. The preventive effect of ID-Citizen is particularly important to me. We make no secret of the fact that we use ID-Citizen. This ensures that people with malicious intentions will think twice before trying anything in our municipality. This is perhaps the greatest success of the introduction of ID-Citizen."
Budget request
As with any investment, a budget had to be made available for ID-Citizen. "The comprehensive offer of ORIBI ID-Solutions helped me a lot in submitting the budget request. It soon became clear that the financial risk would far outweigh the investment, so the decision was quickly made. During the application, the focus was on combating identity fraud but we have now noticed that the process has also been speeded up. We no longer need to make copies and everything is automatically stored in a secure and responsible manner."
Deliberately opted for ID-citizen

Deliberately opted for ID-citizen

At the municipality of Schouwen-Duiveland, identity documents were checked until 2012 by the usual actions of visually inspecting, feeling and tilting the document. This method was supported with training courses and Edison. Ruud Lak: "Of course, we realised the importance of document control and that the method we were using was no longer adequate. The solution offered by ORIBI ID-Solutions immediately inspired confidence. During the presentation, it also became clear to us that training people is very important but this is not enough to combat identity fraud. Even an employee who had been doing this job for 30 years could not pick out some of the forged documents. This clearly demonstrates how difficult it is."

ORIBI ID-Solutions is the only provider that can meet our thin client network requirements without any problems. The combination of trust, IT knowledge and the right price made us choose ID-Citizen. To this day, we have never regretted that decision.

"I would recommend ID-Citizen to any municipality"

"The training, given after the installation of ID-Citizen, was experienced as very positive. On the one hand, awareness of the dangers of identity fraud was created. On the other hand, the employees received hands-on training with ID-Citizen. The interactive nature of the training makes it highly instructive. This has helped ID-Citizen to be quickly adopted by our employees." ORIBI ID-Solutions provides on-site training to all employees. Topics covered during the training are: identity fraud, document training, how ID-Citizen works and putting ID-Citizen into practice. In addition to a training course, customers of ORIBI ID-Solutions can also make use of its support desk. "It's good that questions and comments are dealt with immediately. When I ask a question, I nearly always get an answer the same day. This works very well and is confirmation for us that we chose the right party," says Ruud Lak, Civil Affairs Coordinator at the municipality of Schouwen-Duiveland.

Recommend? YES
"I would recommend ID-Citizen to any municipality. In fact, I think that the national government should instruct all municipalities to use a solution such as ID-Citizen. Establishing identity is the basis of our work, so document control is very important. In the future, I expect more and more departments within the municipality to make use of it, such as the Work, Income and Care department."

Municipality of Schouwen-Duiveland
The municipality of Schouwen-Duiveland has 34,000 inhabitants and is characterised as a tourist destination. During the holiday period, the population is supplemented by 100,000 tourists. "Establishing someone's identity is the basis of our work. Therefore, you can say that document control is extremely important for a civil affairs department. For each case of identity fraud, the amount of loss to municipal services can be as high as €40,000. This is a huge financial risk. To minimise this risk, we chose the ID-Citizen solution from ORIBI ID-Solutions."