Municipality of Meierijstad: ''We are very satisfied!''

Municipality of Meierijstad: ''We are very satisfied!''

Satisfied customer
The municipality of Meierijstad is a satisfied customer of ORIBI ID-Solutions. They use ID-Citizen to check the documents of Dutch and foreign citizens. "Identity fraud costs society an estimated €100,000 per case. As a municipality, we felt we had to combat this form of fraud. With ID-Citizen we can do this. ID-Citizen checks the document fully automatically and displays the result clearly. We are very satisfied!" So says an employee of the Customer Contact Centre of the Municipality of Meierijstad.
Multicultural society
Our municipality has many citizens with foreign nationality, so we have to deal with many different documents. Previously, we checked these documents by comparing them to the reference material in discs (Edison). But if you don't know what to look for, it becomes very difficult. Now we can check these documents very easily and quickly with the help of ID-Citizen. The check is fully automatic. It was also very pleasing to find that ID-Citizen effortlessly checks driving licences. It does not matter what country issued it."" The municipality of Meierijstad has 101 different nationalities and more than 4,300 inhabitants have foreign nationality.

An employee of the Customer Contact Centre of the Municipality of Meierijstad: ""Previously, we referred almost all citizens with foreign nationality to our professional specialist. She would then check the document of the person in question very carefully by hand. We are currently receiving so many citizens with foreign nationality that it is no longer possible for her to cope. Thanks to ID-Citizen we can now process all citizens with foreign nationality from an EU country ourselves and only refer citizens from outside the EU to our professional specialist. We, by which I mean the staff of the Customer Contact Centre and the professional specialist, can now serve our citizens even faster because the procedures have been automated.""

Aliens Police
We told the aliens police about ID-Citizen and how it helps us. This made them curious to this solution and they spent a day with us. They were immediately enthusiastic about ID-Citizen and thought it was a very good initiative to use this ID solution. They like the fact that we tackle the problems in a serious way.""

No secret
At every counter there is an information board stating that we check the documents of our citizens. We do this for our own safety but also for the safety of our citizens. Imagine how terrible it would be if someone were to steal your identity. So we are very open to our citizens and make no secret about it. We find that this helps us to get everyone's cooperation.



Other suppliers
We invited several suppliers to make the best possible comparison. Against our criteria, ID-Citizen came out on top. We particularly liked the ease of use and the speed. It's that simple, a child could operate it. ORIBI ID-Solutions makes it happen. After installation and training, which was fully provided by ORIBI ID-Solutions, we were able to start working immediately. I would recommend ID-Citizen to every municipality. In any case, we are completely satisfied!"" So says an employee from the Customer Contact Centre of the Municipality of Meierijstad.

Municipality of Meierijstad
Meierijstad is a lively municipality in the province of North Brabant. Formed by merging the Municipalities of Veghel, Sint-Oedenrode and Schijndel on 1 January 2017, the Municipality of Meierijstad today has over 79,000 inhabitants.