Jan de Rijk Logistics takes security seriously

Jan de Rijk Logistics has been using ID-Visitor since May 2013. Both drivers' and regular visitors' IDs are checked using ID-Visitor. In an open conversation, Ad van Schaik, Security Manager and Tim Struijs, system administrator, talk about their experiences with ID-Visitor and the organization ORIBI ID-Solutions.
TLN meeting
During a meeting of Transport and Logistics Netherlands (TLN), ORIBI ID-Solutions gave a presentation to the security managers who attended. The presentation caught my attention and I immediately thought of our plans to convert/relocate the gatehouse. I immediately trusted the way identity documents were checked. The thing that impressed me the most was the face comparison. I went in search of other providers but there were none, at least not on the level of ORIBI ID-Solutions.
No secret
The identity documents of all drivers and visitors are checked. We make no distinction in this and we make no secret of it. The visitor always has their document in sight because we scan the document in front of the visitor. Some visitors still ask questions. When we explain the reason for checking, they understand. ORIBI ID-Solutions also supplied us with a privacy guidelines document. It describes the laws and regulations concerning the processing of personal data. This helps us a lot in providing information to our visitors.
High level of safety
Jan de Rijk Logistics is known as a company where security is properly managed. Our own staff members are extensively screened before they join us. In addition, all drivers and visitors must be registered in advance, otherwise they will not be able to enter the premises. ID-Visitor is a good fit for our business because it takes security to a higher level. With the help of ID-Visitor, the identity of unknown, often foreign drivers is also checked automatically. This enables our security staff to focus on other tasks. It allows them to provide drivers and visitors with quick and safe access to our premises.