This is the top self-service solution for unmanned personal identification for your organisation.

Kiosk: for unmanned visitor registration

An unmanned solution
Would you like to receive your company visitors in a professional manner? Our advanced software also makes it possible to confidently deploy an unmanned solution for verifying the data of citizens, customers and/or visitors. There are already several companies using an unmanned solution from ORIBI ID-Solutions to their satisfaction. These include municipalities, hospitals and high-risk locations. 
Efficient & professional
Your visitor performs a number of actions at a self-service counter and is then quickly helped further : simple and user-friendly self-service. These solutions work completely independently or with the assistance of a host or hostess. In this way, your visitors are given the service they expect in an effective manner. That provides certainty. Which gives confidence. 
ID-Kiosk stands for...

ID-Kiosk stands for...

  • Self-service visitor registration for citizens, patients or visitors.
  • The ability to handle different visitor and customer flows with one solution.
  • Proof of identity on the basis of an identity document or pre-notification.
  • Integration with your current software: various links possible.
  • Extension with face comparison; comparison of the passport photo on the identity document with the person standing in front of the kiosk.
  • Automatic sending of an SMS and/or e-mail to the contact person for your visit.