Fast, secure and professional visitor registration.

ID-Visitor: automatic & simple registration

Speed up the registration process
Would you like to receive your visitors in a friendly and professional manner? With more attention for your visitors and less administrative work thanks to automatic data processing? With ID-Visitor it is possible to speed up and simplify the process of registering your visitors and increase company security. ID-Visitor is currently used to process visitor data at various (international) locations. Think of business parks, high risk locations and port industries.  
Automatic information system
Our software automatically reads out the details of a Dutch or foreign identity document. Of course, your receptionist can always add additional data manually. The automatic information system immediately displays the data of a returning visitor: ID-Visitor reads the document, compares the data and displays all information known about your visit. It is also possible to register people as undesirable. 
ID-Visitor stands for...

ID-Visitor stands for...

Private organisations are not allowed to process Citizen Service Numbers (BSNs). The BSN is indicated on an identity document (passport, identity card, driving licence). That is why it is recommended to make the BSN illegible. With ID-Visitor this happens fully automatically.
Your visitors' data are not accessible to unauthorised persons and remain within your own IT environment. If you wish, you can store the data locally, in the cloud, at a network location or in a database. The data are always encrypted cryptographically. With ID-Visitor your visitor registration complies with the guidelines of the Dutch Data Protection Authority.

With ID-Visitor you process visitor data quickly, efficiently and securely. Optimise your organisation's visitor registration process with ID-Visitor. 
Automatic authentication 

Automatic authentication 

It is possible to extend ID-Visitor with automatic authentication. In addition to reading the identity document, the document is also checked for authenticity during scanning. This happens fully automatically and within seconds. This extension is scalable from domestic identity documents only up to checking almost 6,000 different documents: identity documents from one country, one region or the whole world. In addition, all travel documents with an MRZ, the so-called ICAO documents, are read and a basic check takes place. If the document contains an RFID chip, it will also be read and checked.

Additional add-ons & expansion possibilities

ID-Visitor can be easily expanded with the following features and/or add-ons:

  • Printing of visitor passes: At the press of a button, the data read in plus any additional information is printed on the visitor's pass. It is even possible to copy the passport photo from the identity document onto your visitor's pass.
  • Registration and verification of fingerprints (encrypted): the fingerprint can be stored anonymously or linked to a visitor. After registering the fingerprint, it can be used to grant access or open a safe, for example. For reasons of privacy, the fingerprint is not stored as an image but translated into a unique code and this is encrypted. 
  • Face comparison and passport photo comparison: a camera is used to determine immediately whether the document holder matches the person on the passport photo.