This is Androulakis

This is Androulakis

Monitor your customers safely and easily. Scroll down to learn more about ID-Customer. 

ID-Customer: check and process your customer data

Secure verification of customer data
ID-Customer helps organisations to verify customer identity documents - responsibly, securely and in a customer-oriented way. This means you always know who you are dealing with! Because the verified data can be displayed directly on forms or contracts, customers benefit from fast and accurate service. ID-Customer is widely used in industries such as car hire, logistics, rental and telecoms. 
Verification of driving licences, identity cards and passports
Personal identification with ID-Customer offers you security and is also very customer-friendly. Your customers' documents are checked for various authenticity features at high speed : within seconds you will know whether everything is in order and the data will be automatically transferred and processed . This is automatic and works for almost 7,000 different types of identity documents. The result is immediately visible!
ID-Customer stands for...

ID-Customer stands for...

Fast and error-free processing
During scanning, the system reads the data from the identity document. These data can easily be displayed on forms and contracts, making the input of incorrect data a thing of the past. It is also possible to add a digital signature to the form or contract. The customer puts a (dry) signature on a pad and voilĂ , the file is complete. 
Background information
Need extra information about a prospect or customer? At the press of a button, you can find out more. The report shows, for example, whether the address provided is correct or whether the customer has been involved with bailiffs. This way you will know exactly who you are (not) doing business with! 
Retrieving files
Customer files are very easy to find. With one click you get a convenient report of all actions performed for a customer. Useful for checks or declarations, for example. 
Safe and compliant

Safe and compliant

The data are stored securely within the organisation's IT environment. Locally, in the cloud, at a network location or in a database. All data is cryptographically encrypted, so that the files remain in the right hands. ID-Customer complies with the guidelines of the Dutch Data Protection Authority. Because citizen service numbers are stated on identity documents and private organisations are not allowed to process these, ID-Customer makes the citizen service numbers illegible.

Push notifications & add-ons

ID-Customer is easy to link to sector-related alert lists. If someone is on the list, the employee is notified immediately. The solution can also be linked to an internal alerting or information system. This means you always know who you are dealing with! ID-Customer is also available:

  • With face comparison  and biometric signature technology
  • As a mobile solution
  • As a self-service solution