Identity checks for the public sector.
Fast and efficient.


ID-Citizen: fast, safe and easy to use

Identity check for municipalities and the public sector
With ID-Citizen your staff can quickly and easily check identity documents. Employees of municipalities or other public sector organisations know who they are dealing with and can do their work with peace of mind. ID-Citizen consists of user-friendly software with a document reader and optionally with a camera for face comparison. This prevents so-called lookalike fraud. Today 233 municipalities are using ID-Citizen to prevent identity and lookalike fraud . 
Verification of all identity documents
ID-Citizen is convenient and easy to use. The employee places the identity document on the reader and the system checks the document for various authenticity features. This is done fully automatically and works for almost 6,000 different types of identity documents. That gives certainty which in turn gives confidence. 
ID-Citizen stands for...

ID-Citizen stands for...

ID-Citizen verifies identity documents, such as passports, identity cards and driving licences fully automatically, regardless of the country of origin. It therefore does not matter whether you are dealing with a domestic or foreign identity document.

Further inspection
Are there still concerns about the authenticity of an identity document after the check? At the press of a button, you can consult reference material. There is also the option of e-mailing the scan result directly to an expert within or outside the municipality.
The files are safely stored within the organisation's IT environment. Locally, at a network location or in a database. On the advice of the Dutch Data Protection Authority, the data are cryptographically encrypted. So privacy is being handled properly!
ID-Citizen can be used platform-independently. The solution is therefore flexible and can be used with mobile devices such as tablets. So you are able to verify someone's identity from either a fixed or mobile workstation!
Simple connection to various software systems

Simple connection to various software systems

Verifying a person's identity will be even easier with these links. ID-Citizen can be linked to, among others:

  • iBurgerzaken (iCivilAffairs) by PinkRoccade Public Affairs. This innovative integration significantly simplifies and optimises the counter clerk's process within civil affairs.
  • Customer Guidance  by JCC Software. This integration optimises the existing process, and allows you to add extra preventive measures such as identity checks .
  • Key2Burgerzaken (Key2CivilAffairs) by Centric. Data is automatically taken from the identity document and can be directly linked to Key2Burgerzaken.
  • AMP Group: the technology of ORIBI ID-Solutions is used for identification during the provision of travel documents. 
  • Qmatic: The technology of ORIBI ID-Solutions is linked with Qmatic's customer guidance systems . 
  • BKR VIS. By linking with ORIBI ID-Solutions to the test option in BKR VIS, it is possible to check travel documents for authenticity and validity.

It is also possible to link ID-Citizen to other software applications.

Extra option: Integration of face comparison and passport photo comparison with the photo matrix

Is lookalike fraud a risk? It is possible to extend ID-Citizen with face comparison and passport photo comparison. A camera is used to determine immediately whether the person standing in front of you is the person shown on the identity document. It is also possible to check the passport photo against the identity document and the person. One comparison is made, namely between the person and the identity document. No use is made of a so-called one-to-many persons comparison. ORIBI ID-Solutions works with reliable partners. There are 150 municipalities using this technology with the aim of preventing lookalike fraud. 

Nowadays, in addition to face comparison and passport photo comparison, it is also possible to integrate the photo matrix (conformity check). ORIBI ID-Solutions recommends this triangular module so that three additional checks can be carried out on the persons on the identity document. 

Discover our logbook function

All the actions and checks carried out in ID-Citizen are automatically recorded in the file. These include the results of the authenticity check, the document number check and the expiry date check. In addition, ID-Citizen records who performed which action and when. The log can also be printed as a conveniently arranged report.

Central Service Organisation (CSO) location code

Central Service Organisation (CSO) location code

When a Dutch travel document is issued abroad, the corresponding Central Service Organisation (CSO) location code is stored on the RFID chip of the identity document. In order to process these easily, ID-Citizen automatically reads the CSO location code. You can then use this CSO location code in your follow-up process.