This is Kyara

This is Kyara

Fast and secure identity verification at your fingertips. Scroll down to learn more about ID-App. 

ID-App: our ID-Solutions at your fingertips

Flexible and reliable
ORIBI ID-Solutions is your progressive partner in reliable personal identification. The desire to be able to work flexibly and with mobile devices suits the mobile age we live in. You can access our software on your mobile devices anytime, anywhere with the ID-App.
ID-App: at any location
We have developed the ID-App to easily process an identity document at any location with your smartphone or tablet . Via the app you can use the ORIBI Verification Cloud. 
ID-App stands for...

ID-App stands for...

In four easy steps you can process an ID with the ID-App. The data taken from the ID are displayed and then you can read and check the RFID chip of the identity document. 

No personal data are stored in this app. You do have the option of e-mailing a secure report via the app. All data are automatically destroyed after the completion of the check.
The privacy module ensures that the passport photo and Citizen Service Number can be (automatically) removed so that they are not processed in your procedure.
Exchanging information between the ID-solution and your business software. It is also possible to check whether someone is allowed to work in the Netherlands or whether additional requirements are needed.

Additional modules

The ID-App can be expanded with the following modules:

  • Document number control: at the touch of a button, a check is made as to whether the document number is registered as stolen, missing, or internationally reported. 
  • Face comparison: checking whether the person matches the passport photo on the identity document. This gives you more certainty that the person is the legitimate holder of the identity document.  
  • Driving licence verification: verification of a NON-ICAO document. Unlike other apps on the market, the ORIBI ID-App does not rely solely on the MRZ. 
  • At present, the ID-App is available for (modern) Android devices. From the beginning of January 2021 the ID-App will also be suitable for iOS.