ORIBI ID-Solutions acquires authorisation management specialist SmartAIM

ORIBI ID-Solutions acquires authorisation management specialist SmartAIM

The Hague, 6 May 2022 - Main Capital Partners ("Main") today announces that ID verification specialist ORIBI ID-Solutions ("ORIBI"), active in the Identity & Access Management (IAM) market, has acquired authorization management expert SmartAIM.

SmartAIM is the first add-on acquisition of ORIBI. The ID verification specialist from Oisterwijk has been supported by software investor Main in an active buy-and-build strategy since 2021.

SmartAIM is an IAM software company that provides solutions for managing access roles within an organisation. Using the SmartAIM Authorisation Management Suite, users can gain insight into who has access to which data and applications and organise this efficiently and securely. The suite enables customers to assign and monitor all access roles within their organisation at any time. Employees can manage their passwords themselves without the help of a service desk.

Increasing importance of data protection

ORIBI's investment in SmartAIM highlights the growing importance of data protection. "The market for IAM software is expected to grow by at least 13% over the next three years," said Ivo van Deudekom, Senior Investment Manager at Main. "We see both the demand for user and authorisation management solutions and the importance of data security growing strongly." Main is strongly positioned in the security software market through previous acquisitions of Pointsharp in Sweden, Sivis in Germany and NFC specialist ReadID in the Netherlands.

In cooperation with ORIBI's existing management team, Main is exploring various growth opportunities within its currently active sectors, as well as adjacent segments, in order to further strengthen its position in the broader security software market. With SmartAIM's complementary solutions, the combined company will expand its focus from ID verification to access control management and user authorisation. Henk de Kort, CEO at ORIBI: "We are looking forward to this partnership with SmartAIM, which will allow us both to provide our customer base with a more comprehensive suite of solutions for the entire IAM workflow."  Martijn Schuyt, CEO at SmartAIM, adds: "Pooling our knowledge and experience creates immediate added value for existing and new customers."

ORIBI ID-Solutions & SmartAIM

ORIBI ID-Solutions & SmartAIM

ORIBI, founded in 2009, offers modern solutions that make it possible to securely and efficiently verify and process the identity of, for example, visitors, customers and employees. In addition, ORIBI develops software for safe and efficient visitor registration and ID screening of employees and customers. ORIBI has about 20 employees who serve more than 400 customers from its headquarters in Oisterwijk. More than half of them are municipalities, but ORIBI also serves customers in the automotive, temporary employment, construction and industry.

SmartAIM, founded in 2012, develops and supplies authorisation management software. With this software, every network can be made more secure, and access to and use of software and information are airtight. SmartAIM ensures that user accounts and authorisations are controlled, optimised and audit-ready. SmartAIM has approximately 20 employees who, from the head office in Houten, serve more than 50 clients who are active in healthcare, education, (semi-) governmental agencies and financial institutions.

Main Capital Partners

Main Capital Partners is a leading software investor in the Benelux, DACH and the Nordics. Main has almost 20 years of experience in strengthening software companies and works closely together with management teams of its portfolio companies as a strategic partner, in order to realise sustainable growth and build excellent software groups. Main counts over 50 employees and has offices in The Hague, Stockholm and Düsseldorf. As of October 2021, Main has over EUR2.2 billion of assets under management. Main has invested in more than 130 software companies to date. These companies have created jobs for approximately 5,000 employees.

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