Intelligent face comparison

Currently, there is a strong increase in identity fraud cases, making it important for organisations and companies to pay extra attention to this issue. To give you certainty that you are dealing with the right person, you can implement our software applications within your company structure.

Using ORIBI ID-Solutions' applications, organisations can efficiently check and, if required, process the personal data of citizens, customers, employees and visitors. Because we want to enable you to carry out as many verifications as possible, we have developed the 'Face Comparison Module'. This provides an additional verification of the citizen's identity in addition to the authenticity check of the identity document. With the help of a camera and smart software you can make various comparisons:

  • Visual photo versus digital photo (chip).
  • Photo of the person versus uploaded photo.
  • Passport photo (taken at the photographer's) versus digital photo.
  • Live photo of the person versus digital photo (chip).

However, we provide face comparison and not facial recognition. No use is made of a so-called one-to-many persons comparison. ORIBI ID-Solutions verifies a person's identity by means of smart software. This is an efficient and easy way to ensure that you are dealing with the right person. By using this technology, we want to prevent lookalike fraud, also known as doppelgänger fraud.

Do you want to know more about the Intelligent Face Comparison Module? For questions or more information, please contact the sales department by sending an e-mail to or calling +31 (0)13 52 11 256.

Intelligent face comparison