Importance of identity check

Nobody wants to be affected by identity fraud because it can have major consequences for the person concerned, but also for the government and businesses. To reduce the rate of fraud, ORIBI ID-Solutions has developed a number of smart applications. By integrating one or perhaps a combination of our smart applications within your company, the process will be accelerated and simplified.

These include manned, unmanned and digital identity checks. With manned verification, it is possible to have every employee at the counter perform a quick document check supplemented by face comparison and passport photo comparison. After all, the aim is to prevent identity fraud.

Another possibility is unmanned access using the self-service kiosk. ID-Kiosk is the unmanned application that processes visitor registration for citizens, customers or visitors completely independently. This makes it possible to process different visitor and customer flows with one application.

In addition, you are also able to digitally verify identity documents with your smartphone via the app, available on both Android and iOS.

With the help of these preventive tools, you can prevent fraud in your company. Find out about our other applications below.

Importance of identity check