Collaboration between ORIBI ID-Solutions and Smart CJM

We are proud to announce that ORIBI ID-Solutions and Smart CJM have partnered!

The integration between the ORIBI ID-Solutions application and the SMART CJM kiosk makes it possible to register customers with proof of identity, then perform an authenticity check and refer the customer to the relevant appointment. This will speed up the registration and identification process and shorten the total transaction time of the citizen. This provides the citizen with an efficient service. This is possible for various sectors including public and health care.

ORIBI ID-Solutions & Smart CJM

ORIBI, founded in 2009, provides modern solutions that make it possible to verify and process the identity of, for example, visitors, customers, and employees safely and efficiently. In addition, ORIBI develops software for safe and efficient visitor registration and ID screening of employees and customers.

SMART CJM BV has years of experience in Customer Journey Management and delivers an efficient and scalable solution that can support the requirements of a service-oriented journey. From booking an appointment on the internet to registering on arrival at the service provider, with a seamlessly connected conversation, including referral to the right desk or room.

ORIBI ID-Solutions & Smart CJM

Interested in this integration?

Are you interested in this integration or would you like more information about the possibilities? Please contact the sales department by emailing: or calling: +31 13 52 11 256.