Lamson Group

Lamson Group and ORIBI ID-Solutions join forces
Both organisations have joined forces to optimise the existing customer registration process in municipalities. This process (including, for example, making an appointment by a citizen via the municipality's online portal) is enriched by the addition of identity verification. The aim of the cooperation is to combine forces in order to optimise the existing process for municipalities and to add additional preventive measures.

ORIBI ID-Solutions provides various software applications (ID-solutions) that help government agencies and other (commercial) organisations with appropriate identity verification. And accurate identification helps to prevent identity fraud.

Lamson Group supplies software and hardware in the field of security and internal logistics. Working with Lamson Group, ORIBI's ID-Citizen software is combined with customer tracking systems and various types of kiosks from Lamson-Q. The Lamson-Q Customer Contact Portal is also fully integrated with ID-Citizen from ORIBI ID-Solutions. This creates a single integrated customer registration process for optimal and secure service.

The history of the Lamson Group
Lamson Group originated in the USA and its roots go back to the year 1879. Lamson Nederland NV was founded in 1952. Lamson Group is a group of technology companies that work in close cooperation at home and abroad. Lamson Group develops, installs and maintains technical products and systems in the field of internal logistics, security, recycling and communication.

The foundation of our company is formed by our employees and our management. It is therefore essential to safeguard and continuously strengthen the quality of our people. Our strengths include extensive knowledge and experience in various technologies, cooperation in multidisciplinary and integrated technical projects, a nationwide service network, a solid financial position and motivated and expert staff.

Lamson Group