How can you reliably carry out an identity check?

Compulsory monitoring
Some organisations need to know who their employees, customers and visitors are at all times, due to their business operations or laws and regulations. These organisations are legally obliged to carry out physical passport verification, driving licence verification or identity card verification themselves. ORIBI ID-Solutions is happy to help you with these time-consuming and complex checks. 

Document knowledge
Organisations have to deal with many different identity documents. Sometimes an employee has to perform a driving licence check and at other times a passport check or an identity card check. This requires a lot of document knowledge on the part of the employee. Each type of identity document has its own specific authenticity features against which to perform the identity check. 

Authenticity features

Some of these authenticity features can be seen with the naked eye, but other authenticity features require tools to check them. For example, authenticity features that only become visible in UV light or near-infrared light.

Documents are increasingly well protected

Partly thanks to the requirements that ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organisation, an agency of the United Nations) imposes on identity documents worldwide, the quality of passports and identity cards is improving. They prescribe the inclusion of an RFID chip in identity documents and more and more countries are conforming to this. In the Netherlands, this was introduced in August 2006. As a result, today every Dutch identity document contains an RFID chip. In addition to personal data, the chip contains a digital passport photo and, since 28 June 2009, the fingerprints of the legitimate holder. As a result, identity verification is becoming increasingly sophisticated.

Reading out and checking the chip is only possible with a so-called document reader. Checking the different authenticity features in different light sources also requires special equipment.  These tools enable organisations to carry out an identity check in a sound and reliable manner by means of a passport check, identity card check or driving licence check.

ORIBI's ID-solutions offer a solution to combat identity fraud

ORIBI's ID-solutions offer a solution to combat identity fraud

  • ID-Citizen; for checking citizens quickly and easily. 
  • ID-Customer; secure and simple verification and processing of customer data.
  • ID-Employee; properly managed processing of personal data of temporary employees or staff members. 
  • ID-Visitor; always know who you have on your premises with fast and secure personal identification.
  • ID-Kiosk; an unmanned solution for the verification of citizen, customer and/or visitor data.
  • ID-App; access to reliable personal identification anytime, anywhere.

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