The triangular module by ORIBI ID-Solutions

Fraud is committed every day with forged or stolen documents. Today, lookalike fraud accounts for over 50% of all identity fraud. Lookalike fraud is a form of abuse where someone uses an authentic identity document from another person with whom he or she bears an external resemblance. With the rise of globalisation, individuals with a similar outward appearance are increasingly difficult to intercept. Not only does this have a huge economic impact on governments and organisations, but it also takes away a sense of security and trust.

However, ORIBI ID-Solutions has developed a complete technological tool for this growing problem, which provides support within the identification process. Nowadays, in addition to face comparison and passport photo comparison, it is also possible to integrate the photo matrix (conformity check). For this purpose, a triangular module was created by ORIBI ID-Solutions which provides an additional verification of the citizen's identity within the entire identification process. 

But what does this mean exactly?

  1. First, the passport photo from the current document is checked against the person standing in front of you.
  2. Next, the new passport photo is checked against the photo matrix (conformity check), i.e. does the passport photo meet the acceptance criteria set by the government such as positioning, photo quality, posture, etc.
  3. Then the new passport photo is verified against the old passport photo from the identity document.
  4. Finally, the new passport photo can be compared with the person standing in front of you.

ORIBI ID-Solutions recommends this triangular module so that three additional checks can be carried out on the persons on the identity document. This helps minimise lookalike fraud, giving you more certainty about the person standing in front of you. That gives confidence!  

The triangular module by ORIBI ID-Solutions