Know who you are placing with ID-Employee

ORIBI ID-Solutions always verifies an identity for a reason. This reason can be quite diverse, such as granting access, deploying personnel, registering a citizen, requesting a form or entering into a contract.

However, nowadays identity data are often falsified or stolen - also known as identity fraud - which enables fraudsters to communicate on behalf of someone else, and work illegally for example. Both temporary employment agencies and personnel departments can be affected by this. For this reason, we want to enable you with ID-Employee to minimise identity fraud. In our view, checking an identity is not an objective in itself but a means to an important objective.

With ID-Employee you can hire an employee or deploy a temporary worker with peace of mind, without having to worry about document verification and personal data. This application enables you to check and process identity documents in a responsible manner. This can be done with equipment that is easy to place on your counter or with our new ID-App! The ID-App allows you to perform verifications on location.

Once all data have been verified, you can, if you wish, use the verified data directly to create a form, contract or staff ID card. To get the most out of ID-Employee, ORIBI ID-Solutions recommends the face comparison and passport photo module. This provides an additional verification of the identity of the employee or temporary worker and prevents lookalike fraud. Through multiple links with partners, our solution can be integrated within different environments.

Would you like to know more about the ID-Employee? For questions or more information, please contact the sales department by sending an e-mail to or calling +31 (0)13 52 11 256. ORIBI ID-Solutions always provides a suitable solution: it starts with a good ID!

Know who you are placing with ID-Employee