Document check and face comparison when registering at the public counter

Since 5 July 2018, the municipality of Zwolle has been using the registration kiosks with identity check, in order to prevent identity and lookalike fraud. The project was realised in close cooperation between the municipality of Zwolle, ORIBI ID-Solutions and JCC Software.

How does it work?

The visitor reports to the registration kiosk and places his or her identity document on the document scanner. The scanner checks the authenticity of the document against a database of authenticity features. During this check, JCC-Customer Guidance immediately recognises whether the visitor has an appointment at the public counter. Face comparison is then carried out to check whether the person at the kiosk is the same as the person on the document photograph. What happens if the result is negative? Then the appropriate employee receives an alert via the customer guidance system.

The visitor is optimally supported throughout the process by clear instructions, via the screen and also via audio. JCC-Customer Guidance provides customer-friendly guidance and handling.

The municipality of Zwolle published an article in Burgerzaken en Recht (civil affairs and law) about their experience with the registration kiosks. See the attached PDF for more information. 

Do you also want to increase safety in your municipality?

Please contact JCC Software (+31 (0)541-627064) or ORIBI ID-Solutions (+31 (0)13-5211256) for more information.