Id-customer: check and process customer details

Id-customer is an id-solution that will help organizations to inspect and verify personal details and the authenticity of identity documents in a quick, easy and responsible manner. Most of the information that is available on an identity document is automatically retrieved. If wanted, the retrieved data can be used to fill out personalized contracts or forms. Id-customer is being used by all kinds of companies, such as (car) rental agencies, logistic service providers and telecom companies. With id-customer you and your employees can focus on offering products and services without being concerned about the identity of your customer.

Automatic check of driver's licenses, id-cards and passports
The identity document is checked on several security features, fully automatic and within seconds. It does not matter if you scan a Dutch driver’s license or a Brazilian passport. Id-customer recognizes the document and verifies its authenticity.
Authentication within seconds and automatic retrieval of the information on the document
The result of the check will directly and neatly be displayed on your screen. While scanning an identity document (driver’s license, passport or id-card) the information on the document is retrieved and processed. This saves time and decreases the chance of typing errors to a minimum.
With one click you can gather background information about your customer
A background report will give you more insight about a person, company or address. Is the family/company name known at the provided address? Does the person, company or provided address have a history with a bailiff? Id-customer gives you the answer.
Generates completely filled out forms or contracts, if needed with a digital signature!
A contract or form can be printed after the relevant information has been gathered. The form or contract is automatically filled with all provided and checked information. It is even possible to add a clients’ digital signature to the contract or form. The customer only needs to sign on a digital signature pad. This way you digitize all the necessary papers.
Secured data and image storage within your companies own IT environment
The data and images are not accessible to unauthorized persons and remain within your own IT environment. You can keep the data secured locally on a computer, in the Cloud, on a network location or even in a database. The data is always protected by PKI encryption. With id-customer your organization meets the guidelines of the Dutch Data Protection Agency.
The processed information can be accessed for review or to produce check reports
Customer files are easy to review. This enables you to look at earlier made checks. In case of an incident, id-customer can provide you a check report with all relevant information about that particular customer. This can be used as evidence in case of a police rapport or a declaration with your insurance company.
Easy to match with sector related warning lists or even your own internal warning and information system

With one click you can check if a person is on a sector related warning list. Id-customer also enables you to set up your own warning and information system. You can create your own notification for each person. For example, if a person is not following your rules, you can create a notification. The next time this person has his document checked, your own notification pops up. A notification can also contain positive information, such as a warning when a VIP customer is being checked.

Easy to expand with automatic face comparison
With the aid of a special camera, it is possible to immediately and automatically determine whether the holder of the identity document (standing in front of you) corresponds with the photo in the presented identity document. This is how you can protect your company agency against look-a-like fraud.
Also available as a mobile solution
With the mobile solution you can check identity documents anywhere you want. The included tablet shows the results of the authenticity check. The European Patent Office (EPO) is convinced that the way ORIBI has developed this mobile solution is unique. This was the main reason why the EPO gave ORIBI id-solutions a patent for this mobile solution.
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Also available as a self service solution
ORIBI id-solutions offers a number of self-service solutions. Currently, these different solutions are being used successfully in various industries. For more information please feel free to contact us.