History of ORIBI id-solutions

Established in 1981, ORIBI id-solutions develops and manages solutions for optimizing business processes. In the past, our company was known as Anoa Automatisering. We started in the 80′s with converting the entire logistics process of record stores to automatic operations using hard- and software. Later these record stores were developed into multimedia stores.

In 2004 we started to focus more and more on developing and managing id-management solutions. This resulted in the successful software product ID-Check. The first successes were achieved in the automotive (car rental and car dealerships) branch, followed by international high-risk locations. After these successes, more organizations from various sectors became interested in ID-Check, including businesses in leisure and hospitality, staffing and logistics, as well as municipalities.

Because of the success in the various sectors, ID-Check became a product with different looks. This made us decide to launch a number of new id-solutions in 2012. These id-solutions were all based on the successful software product ID-Check and are called:

With these products, we can offer our customers tailor made products that fulfill their specific needs. ORIBI id-solutions provides traditional desktop solutions, as well as touch screen, mobile and self-service solutions.