Vlavabbs (Vlaamse Vereniging van Ambtenaren en Beambten Burgerlijke Stand)

Vlavabbs is a mouthpiece and interest group for municipal civil registry services. The association informs its members about new regulations, organises study days and publishes its own magazine. Vlavabbs plays a proactive role in the drafting of new laws, decrees or executive orders. Proposals are regularly made to improve the practical operation of civil registries.

Vlavabbs continuously welcomes new employees from the field of civil affairs to expand the association's board and the various substantive working groups. Contacts with colleagues, the exchange of information and the substantive working groups enrich the expertise and knowledge building within its own department.

Partnership with ORIBI ID-Solutions
Vlavabbs is always looking for new partners that want to work together to optimise the work of the civil registry departments. The civil registry continues to evolve, the subject matter is becoming more complex and more demands are being made on the civil servants. In addition, a reform and modernisation of the civil registry is planned, including the introduction of uniform documentation. All of this stands or falls on the accurate determination of identity. Hence the partnership with ORIBI ID-Solutions.

As a partner of Vlavabbs, ORIBI contributes to the implementation of the modernisation of the civil registry and gives the various municipalities simpler access to ID-Citizen. We have also found Vlavabbs to be a serious discussion partner in the field of identity and identification.

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