UBplus uitzendsoftware

Since the end of 2014 ORIBI ID-Solutions has had a software link with UBplus from Uitzend Software Diensten BV. Using the link between ID-Employee and UBplus, information is exchanged between ID-Employee and UBplus. Data are transferred and automatically processed in UBplus.

UBplus temporary employment software supports the complete business process of staffing agencies, payroll companies and recruitment and selection agencies. Their programs are fully geared towards organisations in the Flex sector and take a lot of time-consuming work off their hands.

History of Uitzend Software Diensten BV. 
In 2001, three temporary employment agencies were looking for a way to automate their administration. As no company offered a service that met their needs, the three organisations developed the UBplus software. The program proved so effective that other companies soon also wanted to use UBplus. Out of this need, Uitzend Software Diensten BV was born.

Uitzend Software Diensten BV has grown into a fully independent organisation with over 500 highly satisfied customers. UBplus is continuously being improved and is developed entirely in-house. As a result, the lines of communication are short and the company is able to respond quickly to changes in the industry.

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