With solid in-house experience in the 'planning sector', e-Wings ICT has the necessary insights into the challenges in your business operations to create and implement software that will make your company more effective and efficient. For more than 10 years, the owner of e-Wings ICT ran his own temporary employment agency, through which many hundreds of employees were placed with various companies. And each time, also indicated by fellow companies, one essential aspect emerged: Efficient planning!

The temporary employment industry is always in a state of flux. Quick solutions to customers' immediate problems. Flexibility in planning and deployment of employees. Both in number and duration. Workers who need more looking after than just a work timetable. Transport, training and even accommodation are also often required for flexible staff. All this is integrated into the Plan4Flex software package. And with the software link between Plan4Flex and ORIBI, working with Plan4Flex becomes even more efficient.

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