PinkRoccade Publiekszaken has been providing business software and services to local governments for over 30 years. Half of the Dutch municipalities and many water boards and provinces use our solutions successfully. This makes them better able to perform their statutory tasks and further optimise their business operations. So that they can ultimately provide efficient, fast and streamlined services to citizens and businesses.

At PinkRoccade Publiekszaken, we introduce innovative products and services while continuing to modernise and maintain legacy products. Reliability is always the starting point.

PinkRoccade Publiekszaken originated from L+T Informatica, Raet Decentrale Overheid, GCEI, GRC, and CCW. Since 2009, following acquisitions by Getronics (2005) and KPN, the company has been part of TSS (Total Specific Solutions) which has 10 operating companies and 1600 employees. PinkRoccade Publiekszaken employs 400 staff.

Also read the customer case for the municipality of Almelo. They are combating identity fraud. For this they use the integrated solution iResidence & Address Registration including  ID-Citizen by ORIBI ID-Solutions. The municipality of Almelo has been actively involved in the development and implementation of this integration (see cases). In the meantime, PinkRoccade has expanded the integration with ORIBI ID-Solutions within its platform. It is possible to use multifunction printers to process multiple documents. There are almost 100 municipalities that use the integration between ORIBI ID-Solutions and PinkRoccade Publiekszaken.

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