Nederlandse Vereniging voor Burgerzaken (NVVB)

The Dutch Association for Civil Affairs represents the interests of Dutch municipalities in the field of Civil Affairs and Public Affairs. Knowledge development, information sharing, innovation and connection are also important objectives. 

In the current spirit of the times, a public-private partnership is inevitable. Nothing is better than having a loyal, flexible and reliable partner and the NVVB has found one in ORIBI ID-Solutions. With ID-Citizen, ORIBI shows its innovative, refreshing and distinctive character. For ORIBI, quality is not a 'trend', but a core value,"" saysArthur Dallau, former director of the NVVB.

Using its expertise, the NVVB advises its members on personal information provision, identity management, related services and elections. The practical implementation of policies, laws and regulations is one of the most important starting points. By organising and facilitating networks, meetings and conferences, the NVVB contributes proactively to current policy developments in the field.

The NVVB operates in the field of cooperation partners in which various ministries are important discussion partners, as well as implementing organisations that work in the field of personal registration and use personal data. The central government sees the NVVB as a cooperating organisation. Moreover, the NVVB maintains close contacts with VNG, KING, VDP and other municipal professional associations.

Since January 2013, ORIBI ID-Solutions has been a partner of the NVVB. 


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