The all-in-one software for everyone in the flex industry!
Whether you do traditional temping, secondment, handling self-employed persons or payroll processing, Easyflex supports them all! Easyflex is a payroll and invoicing software, but it also supports all your administrative and other business processes in your organisation. Do you want to save time and simultaneously enjoy the certainty of a reliable system with which you can easily pay and invoice flexworkers and clients? Then Easyflex is the package for you!

Made for flexwork

Easyflex is in the cloud, so you can work from any location. Moreover, you are always assured that the system fully complies with all laws and regulations. Are you an ABU and/or NBBU member? We support and maintain these CLAs (collective labour agreements) in the application. Do you work with a different CLA? No problem! In Easyflex you can easily create wage and rate schedules. Furthermore, it is possible to work in two pay periods at the same time; handy for the transition to the new year!

Easyflex also offers you:

  • Automatically configurable processes, such as payroll tax forms, remuneration and invoicing;
  • Mobile front office where you can easily register flexworkers, place them and create contracts;
  • The most advantageous ET scheme for migrant workers: Easyflex automatically calculates the discretionary scope;
  • Direct insight into your financial figures with an advanced Business Intelligence tool;
  • Link any system to Easyflex using the open API;
  • Document management for paperless working and a legally valid digital signature for the contracts of your flexworkers;
  • An app for flexworkers where they can easily submit their hours and availability digitally;

Together we will help you!

Easyflex consists of an enthusiastic team of people with years of experience in the flex sector. Do you have a question about the application you are unable to resolve? Our Service Centre is ready for you. Do you prefer to get help at your workplace? Our consultants will be happy to come and see you.

Start with Easyflex

When you start with Easyflex, you will of course be fully guided. We take care of setting up your administration, training employees in the use of Easyflex and advising you where necessary.

Would you like to know more about the possibilities or have a demonstration of Easyflex?

Feel free to contact us: +31 (0)162-690410 | sales@easyflex.nl 

Easyflex and ORIBI ID-Solutions have entered into a partnership to simplify the identification process within the flex industry. 

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