As part of the BOVAG sector, we, Bovemij, are fully aware of the current developments in the mobility sector. Thanks to the personal and long-term relationship with our customers, we know their specific situation like no other. This means that, based on almost 50 years of insurance expertise, we can always offer the best insurance solutions! This allows BOVAG entrepreneurs to focus their attention on their business as much as possible.

ID-Customer ensures that you can confidently entrust your (potential) customer with a vehicle for a test drive or for hire. Today's customers expect more and more from a car company, and professionalism and service are important keywords in this respect. ID-Customer gives a professional appearance by providing a structured working method for test drives and car rentals. The system indicates when something is wrong with the document, which can prevent a lot of damage. Not only does it prevent financial damage but also a lot of trouble and reputational damage. Paul Hermans, Risk Manager at Bovemij Insurance


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