BOVAG is a trade organisation of more than 10,000 entrepreneurs involved in mobility. Companies specialising in passenger cars, commercial vehicles and trucks, two-wheelers, caravans, trailers, engine overhauls, car rentals, car washes, driver training and petrol stations are welcome as members.

BOVAG serves these companies as a platform, and a news, education and information centre. BOVAG lobbies, provides advice and organises quality care. In addition, BOVAG is an employers' organisation that deals with employment policy, employment services, working conditions and education. Moreover, as a network organisation, BOVAG facilitates procurement pooling. In short, BOVAG offers great added value to affiliated companies on a broad front.

ORIBI ID-Solutions has been a business partner of BOVAG since 2008. With ID-Customer it is possible to identify and check potential customers in Elena. That gives certainty which in turn gives confidence.  

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