The cooperation between ORIBI ID-Solutions and BKR is a fact. Both parties have joined forces to prevent identity fraud. By linking the software of ORIBI to the testing option in BKR VIS, it is now possible to check travel documents for authenticity and validity. The partnership aims to prevent fraudulent acts and limit the financial risks to an organisation.

With ID-Solutions from ORIBI, organisations are able to verify citizens, customers, employees or visitors in an efficient way. The details of the travel document are read and checked for authenticity. This process is fully automatic and takes place within seconds. ID-solutions can read and check the authenticity of all passports, ID cards and driving licences, irrespective of the country of issue.

By linking ID-solutions from ORIBI to BKR VIS, it is now possible to check the document number for validity as well. If the document appears in the BKR VIS database, a notification is issued immediately. This means that the document has been stolen, has gone missing or has been declared invalid for another reason. This information is obtained from three source providers: The National Vehicle and Driving Licence Registration Authority (RDW), the Personal Records and Travel Documents Database Agency (BPR) and the Central Unit of the National Police (LENP).


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