AMP Groep

The identification of persons must be safe, careful and customer-friendly; the most important aspects of our services. For these reasons, we always identify persons by appointment only and let the customer know which AMP employee will be visiting. We are proud to identify customers for, among others: ABN AMRO, Brainnet and various municipalities.

We believe it is important to share our knowledge in the field of identification and identity fraud. That is why AMP Group provides training courses and e-learning. Through the training, we see our clients' level of knowledge grow and together we can prevent identity fraud.

AMP Group is a team of over 200 committed employees. Every day we are working to serve our clients and their customers in the best possible way. We do this by listening to our customers and clients and taking action where necessary. Because the industry is developing rapidly, innovation is one of our priorities. Therefore, AMP Group cooperates with ORIBI ID-Solutions in the field of identification solutions. Oribi shares our core values and has proved to be a reliable and professional partner. This is important not only to stay ahead, but also to push boundaries.

AMP Group uses ORIBI's technology to identify customers for its clients in a professional and reliable manner.

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