Actief Software

The A-PerfectMatch (APM) package by Actief Software is designed for organisations engaged in: temporary employment (affiliated with ABU, NBBU or non-affiliated), secondment, recruitment and selection, mediation and/or reintegration and furthermore all organisations that deal with personnel services.

We offer our innovative product at no purchase cost, with low installation costs, a comprehensive manual, enjoyable training and, last but not least, prompt support!

We listen carefully to the wishes of our customers and, as long as these wishes also fit into the vision of other customers, they are incorporated free of charge. In other cases, we always try to find a suitable solution through customisation. Our view is that a Flex sector also requires Flexible software. With APM, we have been offering this flexible software and matching service for more than 10 years!

We are convinced that you will enjoy working with APM from the very first minute. In combination with our monthly licence fee, APM offers you the chance to work with a professional package without major financial risk.

Our motto is: software is never finished! Actief Software and ORIBI ID-Solutions have partnered to solve the customer's issue. The principle is to simplify processes by allowing software to communicate with each other. This was achieved by linking both software packages. 

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