ORIBI ID-Solutions

Choose security. That gives confidence.
Respect, integrity and a human dimension

Respect, integrity and a human dimension

ORIBI ID-Solutions is the first company to translate identity processing into business process optimisation. In our view, checking an identity is not an objective in itself but a means to an important objective. An identity is verified for a reason. This reason can be quite diverse, such as granting access, deploying personnel, registering a citizen, requesting a form or entering into a contract. ORIBI ID-Solutions always provides a suitable solution: it starts with a good ID!

ORIBI ID-Solutions offers various tailor-made solutions

  • ID-Citizen; for checking citizens quickly and easily. 
  • ID-Customer; to make sure you want to do business with the person in front of you. 
  • ID-Employee; to ensure that you have everything in order as regards the processing of temporary employees or staff members. 
  • ID-Visitor; to process your visitors in a fast and customer-oriented way. 
  • ID-Kiosk; an unmanned application for the verification of citizen, customer and/or visitor data.
  • ID-App; access to reliable personal identification anytime, anywhere.

Curious about what we can do for you?

Choose security. That gives confidence

We check IDs honestly, personally and with great attention to the human dimension. The solutions created by ORIBI ID-Solutions ensure that our customers can trust the person in front of them. and confidently entrust them with things.