Our history

ORIBI ID-Solutions offers various tailor-made solutions. We have been doing so since 1981. Process optimisation and automation are in our company's DNA.
A concept with a lot of potential
Our roots lie in automating the entire logistics process of record shops. Free Record Shop was one of our customers in the 1980s. As was often the case, these shops grew into multimedia stores. And we became a full-service organisation that now works for the government, businesses and knowledge institutions. From 2005 our focus shifted to developing and managing ID-solutions. This resulted in the successful software product ID-Check.
Identification and documentation as a core business
The first successes with ID-Check were achieved in the automotive industry, which was soon followed by other sectors and industries, such as high risk locations across the world. After this, more and more organisations from various industries showed interest in ID-Check, such as catering establishments, temporary employment agencies, municipalities and logistics service providers. Due to the success in the various sectors, ID-Check became a product with many faces.

ID-Solutions for government & business

 In 2012, we launched several ID-Solutions. We now offer the following solutions: 

  • ID-Citizen; for checking citizens quickly and easily. 
  • ID-Customer; secure and simple verification and processing of customer data.
  • ID-Employee; properly managed processing of personal data of temporary employees or staff members. 
  • ID-Visitor; always know who you have on your premises with fast and secure personal identification.
  • ID-Kiosk; an unmanned application for the verification of citizen, customer and/or visitor data.
  • ID-App; access to reliable personal identification anytime, anywhere.

In this way, we can serve our target groups with targeted products that fulfil specific requirements and wishes. This makes the products even better suited to the user . ORIBI ID-Solutions provides traditional desktop solutions as well as touchscreen, mobile and self-service solutions.