Unattended id-solution

ORIBI id-solutions offers several unattended id-solutions. Due to the advanced technology, you can use an unattended solution for processing your customers or visitors with peace of mind. At the moment there are several companies using an unattended id-solution of ORIBI id-solutions.

Some advantages of unattended visitor enrolment:

  • Visitors or customers enroll themselves.
  • Identification with an identity document or by pre-registration.
  • The possibility to process several flows of visitors or customers with one solution.
  • Automatically sends a text message and/or an e-mail to the contact person.
  • Easy to extend with facial recognition and comparison; compares the photo on the identity document with the person in front of the kiosk.
  • Easy to integrate into your management system. Integration has been established with several management systems.
Leaflet unattended visitor enrolment

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