Dutch identity for sale for ‘only’ 800 euro’s

On so-called underground internet marketplaces, you can buy a full Dutch identity for only 800 euros. This means an identity card, a passport and a driver’s license.

Choose a package
A single Dutch passport is for sale for 600 euros. Packages are also offered. A passport and matching driver’s license will cost you 700 euros. The full package costs ‘only’ 800 euros.
All this information was gathered in an investigation by Trend Micro, a specialist in security software. More information on this research can be found here.

Avoid fraud with a false identity
The relatively simple way in which criminals can buy a fake identity is worrying and makes a comprehensive, accurate and quick check of identity documents even more important. Our software is starting to play a bigger role in preventing look-a-like fraud. Is your visitor really who he/she says? Are they showing their true identities?

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