Id-employee: more than just checking identity documents

Id-employee is an id-solution with which organizations can check and verify the authenticity of various identity documents in a quick and easy way. Id-employee does more than just scan and check documents and its details. The data on the document is retrieved and directly available for the creation of contracts, forms or badges. Both employment agencies and personnel departments use id-employee. With id-employee you can hire personnel or place temporary personnel without having to worry about the correctness of the documents and personal details. Id-employee gives you peace of mind.

Automatic check of passports, id-cards and driver's licenses
The identity document is checked on several security features, fully automatic and within seconds. It does not matter if you scan a Dutch identity card or a Polish passport. Id-employee recognizes the document and verifies its authenticity.
Authentication within seconds and automatic retrieval of the information on the document
The results of the check are directly and neatly displayed on your screen. No waiting time, but direct result! While scanning an identity document (driver’s license, passport or id-card) the information on the document is retrieved and processed. This saves time and decreases the chance of typing errors to a minimum.
Easy to generate check reports for your client
To optimize the trust your client has in the identity of the temporary personnel, you can print a report with one click, in the layout you desire, stating all the checks that were done.
Generates completely filled out forms, contracts or personnel badges
A contract or form can be printed after the relevant information has been gathered. The form or contract is automatically filled with all the provided and checked information. It is even possible to print different forms or contracts at once. A badge can also be printed, directly from id-employee. It is not necessary to take a photograph, because id-employee uses the photo on the identity document to print on the badge.
Secured data and image storage within your companies own IT environment
The data and images are not accessible to unauthorized persons and remain within your own IT environment. You can keep the data secured locally on a computer, in the Cloud, on a network location or even in a database. The data is always protected by PKI encryption. With id-employee your organization meets the guidelines of the Dutch Data Protection Agency.
Easy to integrate with your business software, allowing to process data, photograph and the image of the document in your own business software
The verified data is directly available for your business software in the extension you want. This way, the verified data can be processed in your business software. It is also possible to extract the photo from the identity document. This way you always have a clear and current photograph of your personnel on file.
Easy to expand with automatic face comparison
With the aid of a special camera, it is possible to immediately and automatically determine whether the holder of the identity document (standing in front of you) corresponds with the photo in the presented identity document. This is how you can protect your company agency against look-a-like fraud.

Also available as a self service solution
ORIBI id-solutions offers a number of self-service solutions. Currently, these different solutions are being used successfully in various industries. For more information please feel free to contact us.