Id-customer is the solution for car2go

After a few months car2go is already convinced of the value of id-customer. They use id-customer to check and process new members. “Id-customer is more than justifying the investment. After 2 months we have noticed a positive effect on collecting the rents. New customers are now registered with the correct data and the number of fraud cases declined significantly. We have reached the return on investment of id-customer within a few months.” Said Vanessa Dahlke, Shop ManagerPDF version of the case study

Troubles in the past
The first members of car2go could fully register themselves online, without the intervention of an employee. This has caused many challenges. Vanessa Dahlke: “During the full online registration, the members were required to send a copy of his or her ID and driving license. We checked these copies, but this turned out to be insufficient. People made abuse of the ease and anonymity of online registration. Some of our members provided us with incorrect information during the registration. A result of this was that we could not collect the rent. In conclusion: we were too naive and we relied too much on the honesty of mankind!”

Id-customer is the solution for us
“We found the solution in a product of ORIBI id-solutions; called id-customer. Nowadays if someone wants to become a member, it is necessary for him or her to come to the shop to complete the online registration. While the new member is watching the instruction video about car2go, we complete the registration. We scan both the passport or identity card and driving license. During the scan the documents are automatically authenticated. This happens so fast that we have completed the registration, way before the customer has even finished watching the instruction video. In the Netherlands everyone can become a car2go member if he or she is in possession of a Dutch bank account, a Dutch mobile number and at least 1 year in possession of a driving license. So also a Spaniard, which is employed in the Netherlands, can become a car2go member. Because of id-customer we are able to check every passport, identity card and driving license, regardless the country of issue.”
Preventive effect
With a window sticker and a sign on the counter car2go informs its customers about the use of id-customer. “The introduction of id-customer has also a strong preventive effect. People, who intend to commit fraud, think twice when they see that we use an id-solution of ORIBI.”
Support desk of ORIBI id-solutions
“We are very pleased with the service of ORIBI. After the installation and training we wanted to change some settings of the software. This was no problem for the support desk. We can always call and we will be helped immediately. At one point our IT manager pulled the bell, because the id-files took too much space on the server. One call to the support desk and the problem was solved. They ensured us that the scans are saved in a smaller size, without losing any data or quality of the scans.”
We recommend id-customer 
“Id-customer has become an important part of our registration process. Therefore we wholeheartedly recommend id-customer. We want to prevent that our fellow car2go shops make the same beginners mistake as we did: registration of members without proper verification. We would be lost without id-customer.” Said Vanessa Dahlke
car2go Amsterdam has more than 7.000 members and has 300 electronic smarts throughout Amsterdam. The big advantage is that you can park a car2go car for free and anywhere in Amsterdam. In addition, you do need to make a car reservation and you only pay for the minutes that you use a car2go car.



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