Odfjell Terminals knows who is present on their grounds

One of the largest tank storage companies in Europe, Odfjell Terminals in Rotterdam, has been using id-visitor of  ORIBI id-solutions since February 2010. Visitors who want to enter the 65-hectares site present their identification and it is automatically scanned and verified for authenticity. During this process all the necessary details are taken from the document and automatically filled in the corresponding fields of the software. This ensures fast and correct registration of all visitors of the terminal. The security employees only have to add the issued badge number given to the visitor. The details of the visitor are automatically attached to the badge. When leaving the site, the badge is returned to a custom-built drop box and the visitor is automatically signed out from the site. According to Rob Rietveld, Security Manager Odfjell Terminals: “The knife cuts at both ends. Id-visitor checks the documents for their authenticity and copies all of the details on the document and the connection with SALTO ensures the correct registration of this data. If you want take security seriously, then you have to use a solution like id-visitor.” 

Law and regulation

Odfjell is abiding by the law by following the International Ship and Port Facility Security Code (ISPS). The ISPS certificate was created after the 9-11 terrorist attacks in 2001. The goal of the ISPS is to prevent terrorist attacks against high-risk locations. Rob Rietveld: “This code demands that we must be able to provide all the names of those present at our site at any time of the day or night. We are also obliged to verify each identity document of anyone who wants to enter our site. Due to this I have set certain standards for the security employees.This includes the proper tools for them to be able to verify visitors to the site. Id-visitor is perfect for that. You cannot expect a security guard to know, recognise and verify identification documents from all over the world. Luckily we have found the solution with id-visitor. It suits our demands and needs perfectly well.”

Processing speed

Verification of documents for the registration of the visitors is an important part of the execution of the ISPS code. For many companies this procedure may not interfere with the daily business of a company. Odfjell has numerous visitors each day, and the processing of all these visitors must be done in a swift, correct and safe manner.  “We process more than 100 visitors with various nationalities each day. In the past we had to write down all the details from the visitor on a list. This process took us ages and often the names were misspelled and were difficult to read. Due to the fact that the ISPS code was strenuously reinforced, we decided to start scanning all the identity documents. Previously we used a different scan solution, but this solution had two major flaws. The data of driving licenses was not retrieved and the solution was not capable to be connected to our own access control software. Therefore I asked my supplier of company security solutions, Piet van Leenen from Access Control Europe, to search for another solution. He was successful in this when he presented the id-visitor solution from ORIBI to me.”

Id-visitor is capable of authenticating and verifying over 1.950 different identity documents and driving licenses from around the world. During this verification, all the data of the ID-document is filled in the corresponding fields of the software.

Integration with Salto

Odfjell has used the access control software called SALTO, for many years. They use this software to survey and manage any access gate or door to or inside their premises and buildings. Within SALTO it is possible to grant specific rights to an access badge and also monitor the use of this badge. This results in a clear overview of who is inside which room or area. “Previously we used several different reports and listings from SALTO and the visitor’s registration. Id-visitor ensures that these various reports and lists come together. The visitors are now automatically registered in SALTO via id-visitor. ORIBI id-solutions perfectly fulfilled our needs and wishes. Nowadays, even the company name and the license plate from the visitor are registered in id-visitor and automatically filled in SALTO.” says Rob Rietveld.

Visitor benefits as well

Odfjell uses a complete solution where the best of SALTO and id-visitor are fully used. The visitors are registered in a swift way and the added advantage is when visitors leave the premises, they do not have to report it. The visitor simply leaves his access badge in the drop box and the exit barrier opens automatically. Thus both ends meet and the visitor can fully benefit from the improvement of the ICT solutions that have been made at Odfjell.

Odfjell Terminals


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