ORIBI id-solutions optimizes business processes based on identity documents. With the id-solutions that ORIBI offers, organizations are able to process and check citizens, customers, employees or visitors in an efficient manner. The data on the identity document is retrieved and the document is automatically authenticated, within seconds. The id-solution reads and checks all identity documents, such as passports, identity cards and driver’s licenses, worldwide.

ORIBI offers several custom-made id-solutions. Id-citizen; to check and verify the authenticity of identity documents of citizens in a quick and easy way. Id-customer; to be sure whether you want to do business with the person in front of you. Id-employee; to ensure that you have everything in order, concerning processing identity documents of (temporary) staff. Id-visitor; to enroll and verify the identity of visitors in a quick and professional way.

id-citizen | id-customer | id-employee | id-visitor


  • Merry Christmas and a happy 2019!

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  • Closed due to extraordinary circumstances

    At the moment we are closed due to extraordinary circumstances. For urgent matters we ask you to press 1 and leave your name and phonenumber after the tone. We’ll call you back after 5 p.m. For all other matters we ask you to call back next Monday between 8.30 and […]

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  • Dutch identity for sale for ‘only’ 800 euro’s

    On so-called underground internet marketplaces, you can buy a full Dutch identity for only 800 euros. This means an identity card, a passport and a driver’s license. Choose a package A single Dutch passport is for sale for 600 euros. Packages are also offered. A passport and matching driver’s license will cost you 700 euros. The full package costs ‘only’ 800 euros. All this information was gathered in an investigation by Trend Micro, a specialist […]

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